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New Member, Pre-production woes, and the Creative Process

We have a new member here at Blackmodule Studio that is helping us out with our pre-production process. Jander is filling our game designer role, as well as helping out on the 3D modelling side of things. Over the past 6 months or so we have had a few projects in the pipeline, and we narrowed them all down to a single one that we all agreed should be the next game we produce. With Jander's help, we are going through a new pre-production process that will hopefully help us determine how viable this game is, and help us nail down a solid design. This process is planned to take the next several weeks. If all goes well, we will then enter a pretty intensive design phase, and eventually begin production. So much about the game is in flux right now, that I can't give too many details, mostly because many of the details aren't decided yet.

Site Updated!

So, for those of you that have been around for awhile, you may remember that we promised a site update several months ago. Unfortunately, things got hectic, and updating the site was put to the back burner. I've taken it upon myself to throw together a simple (yet functional) site. We are also taking down our forums, as we honestly don't have a real need for them, and spam bots are finding ways in once again. If you'd like to talk with us directly, check out the contact page for ways to do that (twitter is frequented by us most often). Please throw ideas, suggestions, or complaints at us whenever you have one.